Welcome!  I’m glad you’re here!

I’m Allison, a woman with A LOT of big ideas.  This blog sprung from one of my lofty dreams of owning my own world-famous artisan bakery, owning   a cute corner bakery, baking for the local farmer’s market, baking for my family and dog, Biscuit*.  You may be picturing a very obese dog, but don’t worry my dog is lean and healthy from nutritious homemade dog biscuits.  Even though I’m often told that I am, “all ideas”, and I’m pretty sure people usually mean this as an insult, I always feel proud of myself after I’m informed about this.  This is a blog of just some of my ideas that have come to fruition.

I have always found solace in the basics of life, which I believe to be food, family (including pets) and the beauty of nature.  After struggling as a beginning high school teacher of diverse, urban, angst ridden teenagers and getting cut a second year in a row because of seniority and tenure, I needed a way to release my tension and nurture my mind.  I have found that baking, cooking, illustrating and writing is my salvation.

With this discovery, I have developed a routine.  I come home from working a long day at school and bake and cook my worries away.  I find bread baking to be the most helpful remedy.  As the yeast bubbles in sweetened, warmed water, I  slowly begin to unwind.  As I add the light fluffy flour to the bubbling liquid and watch my mixer rhythmically rotate the dough, I feel as if, along with the flour, I become light and fluffy, and my tension turns into a malleable dough right along with it.  Not to mention the smell of baking bread. OOOO! That sends me over the roof tops in ecstasy.  There truly is nothing better than baking bread (unless you’re baking for a yellow pup who graciously thanks you by a wagging tail and a wet-nose nudge).

 In this blog, you will find my experiences with baking and cooking for my family, my dog, and of course myself.  You will also find the illustrated adventures of “Ms. Bun” and “Biscuit”, her dog, that follow some of the stories that I blog about.  I love that food can do so much. It can nourish, be art and bring people together.  I strive to bring you the essence of my food and meals through my writing and illustrations about the enjoyment of a wonderfully simple life with good food, family and wet dog noses.I hope you enjoy! Please visit often!
*pseudonym used to protect dignity during embarrassing puppy stories

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