Biscuit’s Frozen Birthday Treats

July 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

Every year, Biscuit has a birthday party.  Yes, a dog birthday party.  It is a joyous time when friends and family convene to barbeque in the backyard, tails wag, hot dogs get stolen out of hands and dog tricks and treats abound.  Biscuit really knows how to celebrate.

There is something about watching the unabashed joy of a dog birthday party.  There is excitement and bright, pure, unfiltered happiness that make lips curl into smiles, tails swish back and forth, wet noses nuzzle in laps and little giggles slip out of mouths.

Usually it is the simple, everyday kind of things that make this joy come alive at a dog’s birthday. Guests simply enter through the gate into the backyard and Biscuit is overcome by happiness.  He rushes to greet every single person, as if he has been waiting for him or her to arrive for weeks (and maybe he really has).  Inevitably, Biscuit receives birthday presents during his party.  This, too, overwhelms him with excitement.  It is not the present and how it sparkles, how expensive it is or if it is the latest tech gadget or brand name, but the wrapping paper that gives Biscuit his delight.  He tears off the wrapping paper, tosses it around the yard and then prances by everyone in the party to show off his treasure that he carefully carries in his mouth.  After a couple of hours of running around the yard with dog party guests, covertly trying to steal chips and grilled hotdogs and hamburgers off the table and endlessly dropping balls and toys at people’s feet inviting, no, insisting that they play, Biscuit collapses at my feet in a content and tired heap, panting with his tongue out and dripping, and with what looks to be a smile on his face.

The unrivaled excitement and happiness of these moments make Biscuit’s birthday the best party we throw all year.  I don’t know of any other party where the guest of honor may steal your food or whack your drink over with their tail, but I also don’t know of any party where the guest of honor exudes such excitement and genuine jubilation at just being by people that he loves.  And he loves everybody, especially when they come to his party.

This year, I plan on serving peanut butter banana frozen yogurt dog treats to Biscuit and all of his animal guests.  I gave Biscuit a pre-birthday tasting of these treats before his big day.  Immediately when I popped the treats out of the freezer, I saw Biscuit’s nose twitch and heard his paws prance over to where I was standing.  He sat down (one of his time-honored tricks) looked mournfully up at me and perked up his ears (Biscuit knows that this practice and honed tactic will get him a treat every time).  Biscuit, again, was elated at this surprise frozen treat.

To Biscuit, the world is a beautiful, joyful place where happiness is pure and simple.  It is in many things – an arriving guest, a ball to play with, a pat on the head and a cold treat on a hot summer day.

Biscuit’s Frozen Birthday Treats

Adapted from


18 ounces plain low fat yogurt

½ cup peanut butter

4 ounces mashed ripe banana or jar of banana baby food

1 tablespoon honey

8 miniature dog milkbones to use as popsicle sticks

Mix yogurt, peanut butter, banana and honey in a large bowl until thoroughly combined.  Pour mixture into mini Dixie cups and stick the milkbone in the center of treat.  Freeze for 24 hrs.

When ready to serve- peel away Dixie cup and give to your pup on a hot summer day or at your next dog birthday party 🙂


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§ 2 Responses to Biscuit’s Frozen Birthday Treats

  • Barbara says:

    Sorry Gracie will have to miss Biscuit’s birthday party. She would gobble up these treats! We will celebrate from afar.

  • Carol says:

    I will have to try this recipe for Rollie. That Biscuit is one lucky doggie.
    Happy Birthday, Biscuit!!

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